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Early Literacy Support





A list of "computer lab favorites" for language arts, math, social studies, science, and Spanish.

PBS Kids
The Public Broadcasting System for Kids

Literacy Center
The Early Childhood Education Network provides high-quality, research-based, educational material for an early reading curriculum.

Primary Games
Educational games, coloring pages, interactive e-books, holiday activities, musical postcards, crafts, and more!


Games and activities include: alphabetical order, upper-case and lower-case letters, counting numbers, connect the dots, numerical order, shapes, addition, e-storybooks and holiday games.

Kinderweb Free Children's Games
Teaches colors, shapes and animal names, but also helps to teach young users the basics of how to use a computer such as using a mouse.




Starfall Learn-To-Read
Incorporates rhyming games and high-interest books to teach phonemic awareness, phonics, decoding skills, and comprehension.

Read Write Think
Match pictures to the correct beginning letter or vowel sound.

The ABC Game
Pick the object that starts with the letter shown at the top of each page.

Drag and Drop
Drag and drop the picture into the correct word box.  Great for kids that are learning to read!

Between The Lions
PBS games for learning letters and words!

Road To Reading
Learn letter shapes and sounds!




AAA Math
Practice with math concepts and basic facts.

Count Us In
Games designed to help children understand basic number concepts.

Connect The Numbers
Connect a sequence of numbers to make a picture.

Fishy Count
Get Ready to count the fish!

Guess The Number
Can you guess what number chuckles is thinking of?





Stacking Up
Match the shapes!

Find different shapes!

Paint the Shapes
A listening and following directions game identifying shapes and colors.

Shape Sorter
Match the shapes to complete the puzzle.

Shape Match
Drag and drop the shape on the correct match.

Oochy goes to the Fair
Help him match shapes!

Shape Match
Concentration style game.

Shape Racer
Drag the shapes to the correct corresponding places.

Astronomy Shape Match
Click and drag objects to match shape outlines.

Find the Shape
Click on the shape you find in the picture.

KinderWeb Shapes
Students practice their shapes.





Color Match
Match objects that have same color and shape.

Colors and Shapes
Play with colors and shapes with Ellie the Elephant.

Coloring Book Fun
Drag colors to appropriately marked parts of the picture. 

Clifford Matching Game: Colors  
Students must click on the character that holds the balloon that matches Clifford's. Fully narrated!


Literacy Center Colors
Click on a color!

 Little People - shapes 
Students color shapes a color specified by the narrator.