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students workingHawthorne School District Recognized as Being a “Positive Outlier” District

Hawthorne, CA – A new study from the Learning Policy Institute (LPI) takes an in-depth look at strategies used by the Hawthorne School District and six other California school districts that may have contributed to their students outperforming similar students in other districts on math and reading assessments.    

LPI released the study, Closing the Opportunity Gap: How Positive Outlier Districts in California Are Pursuing Equitable Access to Deeper Learning, on Tuesday, September 10th at an event in Sacramento. It examines what Hawthorne and the other six “positive outlier” districts have in common that may have contributed to their students’ success.   

This recognition is a testament to the combined efforts of our staff, students,teacher with students and families.  We are committed to ensuring that all of our students are able to experience academic success, and it is truly so rewarding to see those efforts leading to such sustained and steady growth. 

LPI’s analysis found several commonalities across the districts, including:

  • qualified teaching staff;
  • a widely shared, well-enacted vision that prioritizes learning for every child;
  • continuous leadership from instructionally engaged leaders;
  • strategies for hiring, supporting, and retaining a strong, stable educator workforce;
  • collaborative professional learning that builds collective instructional capacity;
  • a deliberate, developmental approach to instructional change;
  • curriculum, instruction, and assessment focused on deeper learning for students and adults;
  • use of evidence to inform teaching and learning in a process of continuous improvement;
  • systemic supports for students’ academic, social, and emotional needs; and
  • engagement of families and communities.

We are very proud of the efforts and achievements of our staff, students, and families who work collaboratively to bring these continued recognitions to the Hawthorne School District.

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Superintendent Helen Morgan

Dr. Helen E. Morgan

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