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Chess Club 2013

Chess 5-2013.jpg

Earlier this year, Hawthorne School District, and the After School Life-Long Learner Program were very excited to hold the First Annual HSD Scholastic Chess Clubs and Tournaments program. Each of the elementary and middle school sites formed chess clubs within the A.L.L program. These chess players ranged in age and ability. They practiced nearly every day in after-school club and at home, by accessing an on-line chess website. Teams were assembled from each school’s club by selecting the top ranking players to represent their club in the district tournament held each Wednesday.  After months of tournament play, the teams competed in a playoff to determine the top three clubs. Jefferson Elementary took 3rd, while Zela Davis STEM prep came in 2nd place, and the first place team was from Hawthorne Middle School. Our final tournament involved only our top 14 chess players, who competed for an individual trophy. It was a very exciting chess season indeed! It was truly a collaborative effort of hard-working and dedicated HSD staff members, faculty and administration. These amazing folks include Dr. Eugene Krank, the Hawthorne School District Board President, who envisioned this wonderful idea. Mara Pagniano, our Special Projects Coordinator, who initiated the implementation of the scholastic chess club program along with Michelle Prostrollo, the A.L.L. program director. Of course, we would not have had the great success that we saw without the assistance of teachers and support staff such as: Anne Coulson, John Paterson, Josh Godin, Lars Hazen, Richard Logue, Tom Allen, and Valerie Takata. This endeavor will continue to grow and flourish; and moreover, our students will reap the benefits that come with participating in a strategic and scholastically-conducive activity like chess.