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Mattel Brings Snow Day to Washington School

washington mattel

On Tuesday, December 4th the Washington Elementary School playground was transformed into a "Winter Wonderland" giving the students of Washington a snow day to remember. All students had the opportunity to participate in various activities including cupcake decorating, Hot Wheels car racing, dancing and sledding and playing in REAL snow! In addition to the fun outside, all students also received lunch courtesy of Panda Express in our cafeteria. Students from all grade levels thoroughly enjoyed their play time as witnessed by the countless smiles seen on their faces and the songs of laughter heard throughout the campus. This wonderful event was completely funded by the Mattel Toy Corporation as part of their "12 days of Play" program.  The students and staff of Washington and the Hawthorne School District are so appreciative of the generosity, support, and hard-work of the Mattel Corporation, employees, and volunteers that contributed to making this day possible for our students. This was the third year that Mattel has brought this event to the Washington campus and we look forward to continuing our partnership with Mattel for many years to come.