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About TWBI

About Our Students
Our students become fluent and literate in two of the world's most widely spoken languages.
They meet or exceed district norms in reading, mathematics, and language development in both Spanish and English. Our students have proven their academic ability; many have qualified as GATE students based on their high test scores on the California Standards Test.
They gain self-esteem and an appreciation for their community through an enriched, positive learning environment that fosters cultural exchange and celebrates diversity.
The social interaction between students is a joy to behold. They truly learn from one another, developing high levels of confidence and self esteem through their study of two languages. Learning comes alive as the beauty of both languages is explored through literature and song.

About Our Parents
They are an integral part of the Two-Way Bilingual Immersion program - we are a bilingual community!
They attend monthly parent meetings held to support the parents and to teach them how to support a child's second language abilities.
They are encouraged to volunteer in the classroom and to work with their children on language skills at home.
They are kept informed of the instructional skills and themes of current classroom events through weekly reports sent home by the teacher.

Our enrollment is designed to create a balance of 50% English and 50% Spanish-speaking students in each classroom.
New students may enroll each year at the Kindergarten and first grade levels, when space becomes available.
After 1st grade, qualified students may enroll on a space-by-space basis. A five-year minimum commitment to the TWBI program is required in order to achieve the linguistic and academic goals.

Our Vision
To provide our students with the academic and social skills necessary to become leaders in a multi-lingual world, through an educational model based on the latest findings in linguistic and brain research.

Performing Arts
Students share their learning by performing at parent meetings.
Students further their cultural learning by participating in weekly Spanish dance classes.
You may want to reserve a seat now for our year-end dance recital. It is the hottest ticket in town!